All puppies come with the following Shadylake
Kennel Guarantee:

Your pup has been seen by the veterinarian for:
Dew Claw Removal
1st and 2nd Shots
General Health Check-up

At this time the general health of your pup is excellent. If your labrador is found to be dysplastic or suffering from an inherited eye defect, the breeder will replace it with a puppy of equal or better breeding. This is after the return of the dog and its papers or proof that the dog has been put to sleep has been provided to me. I will select a replacement pup from any of my future breedings that you prefer. This guarantee is good for 25 months.
Because I hope that this dog will become an important member of your family, it is not necessary to return it or destroy it to collect on this agreement. Should you have a problem but want to keep your dog I will, upon proof of dysplasia or eye defect, refund one half of the original purchase price of the dog. The male/female must be neutered/spayed and proof of the same provided to me.
Purchase price of the dog: $___________
Date of Birth:
The O.F.A. shall be the sole judge regarding hip dysplasia and the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) shall be the sole judge regarding eye defects.
It is understood that the above warranties are expressly regarding congenital, hereditary defects and any physical injury to the dog voids this guarantee. Also, no dog will be replaced if bred or transferred.
Breeding: (dam) and (sire) Date: _____________________

Breeder: David Samoray
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