Sent: Friday, June 24, 2011 3:52 PM
Subject: Cam McCord

Hi Jenette!
We are having a ball with Cam. He is enormous! The children love having him swim in the pool with them. He runs with me occasionally but the leash is still quite an undertaking!
I am wondering when will be the appropriate time to bring him to you and David for training. Marjorie and John Carter brought their dog Dixie to you and have raved about your program. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks so much!

Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2011 2:48 PM
Subject: Puppy Pics

Hey Jenette,
Here are some pictures of Prada and one of her and Jager. She is so sweet. She has slept on my bed since she was 6 weeks old. She is not a chewer. loves her dog toys. She is so long legged and lanky. Everyone loves her. Jager plays with her , but when she is done that is it for the time being. I crate them when I leave.

Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2011 4:29 PM
Subject: Information - pup of Max

I don't know if you recall but I purchased a puppy from you - black lab in August of 1999. Dad was Max, Mom was chocolate lab, don't recall her name.
Well we purchased Jake from you in August of 1999 and he brought us tremendous joy! Sadly, he died today - developed Lymes Nephritis and quickly passed away - we had to put him down. I just wanted to let you know that Jake was the most wonderful dog we have ever had, brought tremendous joy - and laughter to my entire family. He will be missed. We are heart broken and devastated. Just wanted to thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.

Sent: 02/21/11 11:42 AM
Subject: lab puppies

I wanted to let you know were are loving the little guy. He is so sweet and just loves being wherever we are - laps especially. He has been so good with the house training already - luckily the weather's been mild. He's had great fun in the yard and the kids are loving him. He has also done really well at night - up only once each time and went out and did his business and came back in and settled back to sleep. Last night he went 5 hours. He definitely is a chow hound, tries to eat out of the food bin and wanted to make sure every last piece of food was out of the bag as you'll see from the pictures. Thanks again. We go to the vet tomorrow.

Sent: 09/18/07 9:02:09 AM
Subject: Tatton

Hey Jenette,
Just wanted to let you know how things are going! Tatton is just an amazing little boy and we are convinced he is brilliant! He is already consistent with his "sit" and is doing really well with his "come" command. You guys gave him a great start in teaching him "no jump"...rarely does he even attempt jumping up on people. He has been accident free except for one time when he did let us know but we got there a little too late. I am letting him out several times at night to potty but he is going right back in his kennel afterwards with hardly a fuss...and no messes as of yet in his kennel (we are very proud!). We are working on slowly introducing him to the girls and giving him a little one on one time with each several times a day. He has been very appropriate...he and our Aussie Kenzie can get a little wild and then we intervene so it doesn't get to be too much. The car ride home was great...he did fine in the crate and went potty at all our stops. He truly has a little part of Budleigh in him! Thought I would attach a couple pics for you! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting both of you and seeing Shadylake Kennels in person. Tatton is a complete joy!

Take care,

Dolly,Mike and Paul JAKE too!

Sent: 09/22/06 8:54:01 PM
Subject: Update

We are the family from Florida that took a pup from a litter born 8/3/05. (Max & Lucy)
I named him Jake..Do you remember?? He is just wonderful!!!!He weighs 80 lbs. and our other dog,Bosco (chocolate lab) weighs 81 lbs . He is so mellow you would never know he is a pup still. The only problem we have is when he is in the yard he does not want to come in! He never chewed a thing and I keep toys all over the house. He is a joy and gets along well with his brother, Bosco.
I always look at your web site ( to keep up with all the latest. Jake looks just like some of the dogs .I am sure that Max is a daddy to some of them. He isn't in the crate any more even though I keep it open. He has free run now and sleeps with us every night at the foot of the bed, along with Bosco...IN A QUEEN BED...GO FIGURE....We would not have it any other way.
Thanks again for raising such great temperaments in your dogs. He is all that we were looking for. We will keep visiting your web site and if we ever look for another dog we will keep you in mind.

Dolly,Mike and Paul JAKE too!

Sent: 07/06/05 4:15:01 PM
Subject: Thank You!

I just want to check in with both of you and tell you how much we are enjoying "Britain." She is so much fun and has so much personality. She has gotten very good at retrieving and sitting. The potty training also went pretty quickly. I have attached a recent picture taken in Highlands NC where we spent the 4th of July on a lake.
Also, I was wondering if you could email me the photo you took of Sebastian and I with her on the day we got her. It looked like it was an adorable picture. If you do not have it, that is also perfectly fine. We are still planning on boarding Brit with you July 18th-26th.

Thanks again! Rebecca and Sebastian

Sent: 07/29/05 11:15:27 PM
Subject: Jake (Guestbook Entry)

We bought Jake from you coming up on 7 years now. We love him more
then you can imagine. He is the tallest and biggest yellow lab you have ever
seen. He is so tall and ripped but still weighs 105lbs. We would love
to come visit some time. I was wondering if Jakes parents are still around
(MAX AND CINDY) When people ask how Jill and I ended up together I
always say it was because of Jake. She gave him to me as a present when we were
dating and it feels like or life has revolved around Jake ever since
Do you have any litters coming up soon?? Our friends always say Jake is
the nicest and best looking lab they have ever met. He sleeps in our bed
every night

Sent: 12/06/04 10:00:54 AM
Subject: Woody (A Shadylake All Star)

Good Morning,

Well, we are the proud parents of a Senior titled son. Woody and Rick
pulled it out Friday. We had to run 3 series!!! First, was land mark-flyer, water mark memory...did good. Second, hard water blind (wind really blowing, set up hard ),land blind(close to land mark).....did ok. Third, 2 water down a channel. Woody ran down the side, did a cannonball jump, retrieved the bird, returned the same way. Lane & I talked to the judges, if he passed we were leaving Saturday. He said the second series was questionable, but he blew away the third. Said his marking was great, he knew that Woody wasn't afraid of the the cannonball leap!! That he took the quickest way there and back and nailed the mark. The to-go bird was no problem. Woody's home for a couple of months. Of course, it's pouring rain....he's always been a rain-magnet. You all take care. Hope Free and babies are fine...


Sent: 1/27/04 10:21:04 AM
Subject: Update on Shannon

Hi David and Jenette,
It's hard to believe that almost one year ago we came to pick out our Shannon. She has grown into such a beautiful dog. People are always remarking about how beautiful her coat and color are. She is still so sweet natured and loving. She is also so smart and learns so quickly. We are so grateful that we found you and that we have her as a part of our family. We are all so attached to her and she has fit into our family as if she has always been a part of it. We'd like to have you board her when we take our vacation this summer. It is well worth the 90 minute drive for us to know that she will be well taken care of and loved while we are gone. We will let you know the dates when we know them. Attached are a few pictures of Shannon.



Sent: 12/02/03 8:18:43 PM
Subject: Maximum Security's Secret Code

I took Maximum Security's Secret Code to Aberdeen, SD on 11/9-13 and
downed 10 pheasants. Cody's first pheasant hunt was terrific, he retrieved
4 birds considered lost by 3 men and 5 other dogs, one retrieve was out of
sight over a hill but he came back with the bird! I'm extremely pleased
with Cody, Max, and Free.

Dewey Young

Sent: 6/23/03 9:31:54 PM
Subject: Owners Course

After working with Cody for 2 years I've learned you need to have an
owners course because the dogs are smarter than a lot of us. What a joy to
have a well trained, responsive, gogetter! Thanks to Max and Free.

Dewey Young

Sent: 5/12/03 11:13:47 AM
Subject: update on Shannon

Hi Jenette,
It's been a busy but wonderful past two weeks. We could not be happier with Shannon. She is so sweet and good natured, of course she can be frisky and playful too with lots of biting (we're working on that), but she is also so cuddly and affectionate and has adjusted so beautifully to our home and family. She pretty much knows the routine and is learning so quickly, already she sits and lays down on command and knows her name too. Potty training is hit or miss, but she does go way more out than in and we praise her like she won the lottery. Of course she gets so much love from all of us and I think it's helped her adjust to missing her sisters and brothers. You were so right about her temperament and intelligence, she is such a good girl.
I've attached some pictures, she's grown so much. I'm becoming as attached to her as she is to me I don't know how I'll leave her when we go on vacation!
This Thursday I'm taking her to the vet for her first appointment.

Hope all is well with you! (Pics)

Sent: 5/10/03 9:57:11 AM
Subject: Shady Lake's Sady M' Lady

We are having a wonderful time with our new lil addition. She is great!!
They are inseparable!!!
Thanks! (Pics)
The Flournoys

Sent: 5/29/02 5:33:07 PM
Subject: Update on my puppy

Jenette and David,
Here are some pictures of Scout that we've taken since we brought her home last February. She has been a great joy to us.

She is a devoted pet and the affection is equally returned from us. All our friends tell us how beautiful she is and that she has a great personality. We agree!

We are thoroughly enjoying being the proud owners of such a wonderful dog. Keep up the great work with your dogs!

Trisha and Todd Palmer

Sent: 2/26/03 9:06:07 PM
Subject: Buddy

David and Jenette,
Just wanted to let you know what a great dog "Buddy" has become. He should be ready for the Fall AKC and UKC events. I have him on hand signals and blinds. He still zig-zags instead of taking a straight line on a blind retrieve, but we are working on it. I have never seen such a smart dog. Your breeding was excellent. He is the perfect combination with Chancy being so affectionate and Max such a workhorse. I can't wait to show him to you. We are also seriously considering a female out of your next litter. I don't know much about the dogs, and I wanted to see what you had to say about them. Email when you get a chance and let me know when they will be ready.
Hope all is well. Thanks again for such a great dog.
David Sinclair

Sent: 1/25/03 8:20:24 PM
Subject: Shrimp

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you and Jenette know that Shrimp (yes the name stuck!) has adapted really well to our home and he was the hit of Christmas. Our three boys have become very fond of him and won't let him out of their sight. Of course, he sleeps very well each night after all the attention. He is a great dog and is fitting in very well.

If still available, I would like to take you up on your offer to watch you with your dogs to gain a better understanding of training techniques. Will you please let me know if this is still okay and if so, what might be a good time?

Thanks again for a great dog.

David Watson

Hi Jenette,

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Belle. She slept until 6am the very first night home (which instantly endeared herself to me)! Since then we have fallen in deeply in love! She is retrieving well so far and starting to learn her name. She goes many places with me in the car and is exploring the woods behind our house. You should see how fast she tries to run chasing the children! She is even more precious to us, having lost Abby. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

"Bo has had a remarkable record in earning his AKC Junior Hunter and UKC Hunting Retriever titles by age 18 months. I must credit the Smart Start Program, and your continuing training programs, for this remarkable performance." read the rest of the letter

Joanne and Skip Gossman


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